The Robert Menzies Collection: A Living Library is the product of research by Caitlin Stone and Jim Berryman. The project uses the Online Heritage Resource Manager, a tool developed by the eScholarship Research Centre, part of the University of Melbourne Library.


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Homepage: Book-plate for Robert G. Menzies, Lionel Lindsay (1940). © National Library of Australia. Reproduced with permission.

‘About’ page: Prime Minister of Australia, Robert Gordon Menzies, 1960, National Archives of Australia: A1500, K5524.

‘Search’ page: Sir Robert Menzies and former British Prime Minister and now head of the Macmillan publishing company, Mr Harold Macmillan, discuss the second volume of Mr Macmillan's autobiography Blast of War in the new Melbourne headquarters of the Macmillan Company of Australia, February 1968, National Archives of Australia: A1200, L69264.