Book Power in the Liberal Party: A Study in Australian Politics (1965)

West, Katharine

Menzies Location
Study (24b)


Includes loose piece of paper signed 'Lennie'. 'Over the years you have given me some wonderful books - your own "To the People of Britain" etc. - wonderful Shakespeares down to a second hand books [sic] of poems from a Launceston shop for the beauty of the cover rather than what's inside the binding of the cover! Now I want the pleasure of giving you this one - only hoping the Deputy Whip's judgment [sic] hasn't turned "scatty". Thank you for everything. Lennie'.

Back flap of dust jacket has been inserted between pages 258 and 259. Underlining and crosses in margin in pencil on page 258 marking Menzies' involvement in Commonwealth councils and international relations including the Suez incident.

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