Book Van Loon's Lives (1944)

van Loon, Hendrik Willem

Menzies Location
Study (18d)


Inscription: 19 January 1949.


Three-and-a-half-page typed letter enclosed between pages 372 and 373 on letterhead of Lanoma House, 517-521 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne and dated 19 January 1949; signed 'Gordon'. Opens 'MY DEAR BOB' [entire letter is in capitals] and provides advice on content of speeches; e.g. 'YOU WOULD BE WELL ADVISED NOT TO MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO EIRE IN YOUR REMARKS REGARDING EMPIRE UNITY, REMEMBERING THAT THERE IS STILL A NUMBER OF IRISH CATHOLICS IN THIS COMMUNITY WHO ARE SO FANATICAL THAT THEY TAKE UMBRAGE IMMEDIATELY THEY CONSIDER A SLIGHT HAS BEEN OFFERED, AND SO THEIR SUPPORT IS LOST.' Also general words of support and encouragement e.g. 'GO FORWARD, CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN ABILITY, WHICH YOU HAVE, TO ACHIEVE YOUR AMBITION ... AND DON'T LET ANYTHING BEAT YOU, PARTICULARLY YOURSELF.'