Book Sydney Illustrated, 1842-3 (1950)

Prout, J. Skinner



Inscription: 16 February 1950.


Note that this edition of Sydney Illustrated limited to 750 signed and numbered of which this copy is number 34, '34' handwritten with additional note 'of 40 copies specially bound in Morroco, James R. Tyrrell'.

Inscribed: 'the Right Hon. R.G. Menzies K.C. Prime Minister of Australia with the publisher's compliments, 16/2/50'. Also includes two loose sheets: reprinted article from the Sydney Morning Herald, 9 April 1949 'Something Personal: When the city was beautiful' by Leon Gellert and reprint from 'the Red Page' of Bulletin, 13 April 1949, 'Old Sydney' by M.H. Ellis. Also between pages 46 and 47, two pieces of lined 'House of Representatives' letterhead holding an unidentified botanical specimen.