Book An American Vista (1956)

Acheson, Dean

Menzies Location
Study (18b)


Inscription: April 1956.

Acknowledged: 4 May 1956.


Inscribed in blue ink on front endpaper: 'To Robert Menzies with the affection and esteem of his friend and admirer Dean Acheson. Washington, April 1956.'

Underlining and two exclamation marks in pencil on page 12 marking: 'To be sure, tensions were relaxed by the first Geneva meeting. But so were effort and will on one side and not on the other. Tension is bad for people with weak nerves, but very little is ever accomplished without it. When the relaxing of tensions becomes an end of policy, it is time to examine one's own and one's opponent's moves.'

Pencil lines in margin on page 13 marking: 'Signs were multiplying that, as in Aesop's fable, the wind having failed to blow off the traveller's coat, the sun would try to warm and relax him into shedding it.'